Made in New York Jazz Gala 5th Anniversary
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5th Anniversary JAZZ GALA 

Made In New York Jazz Competition celebrates it’s 5th anniversary with a stunning lineup of jazz masters: 

Randy Brecker - Trumpet 

John Patitucci - Bass

Francisco Mela - Drums

Bobby Sanabria - Percussion 

Yaacov Mayman - Sax 

…and many other international guests and participants of the competition!

Jazz Gala is well known for it’s entertainment factor and  absolutely fantastic lineup of musicians that get together once a year in New York to celebrate the most original and influential American art form JAZZ. 

Madeinnyjazz  Gala is one of the biggest international events in New York and it’s hosted musicians from Cuba, France, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Argentina, Israel, Armenia, France, Canada, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, Chile, Hungary, Germany…..

The mission is to create collaboration between jazz masters and upcoming musicians from all around the globe! Made In new York Jazz Competition is the first online jazz competition with an annual Gala in New York and participants from more than 55 Countries!

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