K. Khabensky & A. Tsypkin in The Best
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DECEMBER 5, 2019 8PM
“When stories come to life right in front of your eyes, it is a mystical experience. You begin to understand the phrase ‘Creation lives its own life.’” – Alexander Tsypkin 
Celebrated Russian theatre and film actor KONSTANTIN KHABENSKY performs “THE BEST” – the most riveting new, not yet published stories by Alexander Tsypkin. 
One of the most powerful interpreters on the modern stage, Konstantin Khabensky brings a depth of meaning to the text, making it very personal and touching. 
Writer ALEXANDER TSYPKIN is the author of such bestsellers as Long live die-hard women and The House of Goodbyes, and creator of the popular project Unprincipled Readings, which has been attracting large audiences. Performed in Russian.